alternative furniture donation than goodwill

The Furniture Bank provides essential household furniture to individuals and families in need. Furniture is essential to a persons physical and emotional well-being. The Furniture bank provides beds for sleeping, tables for sharing meals, and couches for relaxing. We turn houses into homes.

Who is eligible for Furniture Bank services?
Persons fitting the HUD Definition of Homelessness (having lived in a shelter or on the street)
Persons fleeing domestic violence
with HIV/AIDS & fitting the HOPWA Income Guidelines
Persons who are
g below the poverty line and facing a significant challenge which has caused
a loss of
furniture or an inability to afford furniture
clients need a referral?
Clients must get a referral
from a Furniture Bank partner agency. These partner agencies are lis
ted under
. Using partner agencies helps ensure that clients are receiving all the different services
(examples include education, mental health case management, and financial education)
that furniture is provided to clients that are both in
need and ready to make the transition to permanent
Client can choose between the following two types of appointments:
Curbside Delivery
($100 Fee)
: Client picks out items and the items are delivered to their curb the same
day. Client is responsible for the necessary labor to move items inside their apartment/house.
In-Home Delivery
In-Home Delivery
: Client picks out items and the items are delivered inside their
the follo
wing day. Delivery
DOES NOT include furniture set up.
What is the referral process?
Caseworkers at a partner agency complete the
Furniture Bank referral forms. A completed referral
includes a 4 page form, a signed client waiver, and supporting documents confirming a clien
t’s eligibility.
Completed referrals are either emailed or mailed to the Fu
Once the F
completed forms and payment on file we will email an appoin
tment date to the
referring caseworker.
Why is the
re a fee?
The Furniture Bank has found through experience that charging a small fee ensure
that clients keep their
appointments and that clients seeking a referral need the furniture
The delivery fee only
s a portion of the delivery costs and is a small fraction of the value of furniture
provided to each household.
How long does it take to get an appointment?
Once we get a completed referral and payment for a client
the Furniture Bank will email an appointment
date within 3 days.
The wait time for an appointment varies anywhere from 2 weeks to 9 weeks. The Furniture Bank works to
keep agencies informed of the wait time so client
s are aware.

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