Northside Hospital-Atlanta’s Puppet Program

If you are looking for something fun and educational, NorthsideHospital’s Auxiliary has the perfect program for you.  NH have been enlightening and engaging students with their award winning puppet shows for over 35 years at no charge to local schools.


They can always use more puppeteers – it is easy, fun and no previous experience required! 

contact no 404-851-8707.

 Dr. Northside and Super Ewe is a 22 minute puppet show designed for pre-school to 1st grade children to help introduce them to the instruments the doctor will use when they go for their check-ups.  In the show a “villain” steals the doctor’s instruments and Super Ewe and Happy Dan recover them just in time. The show is filled with songs and fun, educational dialog.  Students even receive an illustrated coloring book to help reinforce what they have seen.


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