FIRST travel company enterprise that will pay your airline round trip baggage fees.

Orion is the FIRST travel company enterprise that will pay your airline round trip baggage fees.  In addition, Orion is the FIRST Mobile Luggage Advertising Billboard that can travel the entire globe in one day!  Most importantly, Orion is the FIRST travel company to offer a two-piece luggage set worth $299 for FREE for participating in our program.

Orion Travel Club and Rewards Program Travel Technology For Customers 

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The first 1 million people to sign up will receive the following:

  • A lifetime membership into the Orion Global Enterprise.
  • One set of two piece, high gloss, all plastic, four wheel trolley luggage in sizes of 21 inch carry on and a 25 inch expandable to 28 inch when you want to pack more souvenirs from your trips.
  • A round trip baggage fee of $50.00 will be loaded onto an Orion Gift Card and can only be used at the airlines ticket counter when you check you luggage.  It will correspond via a UPC code to the 25 inch luggage of the 2 piece set.  When you’re ready to travel again, email the company and they will reload it for you.  You can travel as much during the year as you want.  If a family of five are going on a trip, you save $250.00.  Yes, the entire family can sign up.  Even Grandma and Grandpa!

Please note:  Luggage for the first two ad programs begin February 15, 2016.

In November you will be sent an email that will give you a choice of programs.  You will choose your personalized side of the luggage from 10 different graphics.  This will allow them to ship directly from the luggage factory.  These high quality graphics are not a wrap they are molded into the plastic and will be there forever.  

  • It takes 32 days to manufacture this many luggage sets.
  • It takes 21 days to ship to two different ports in the USA.
  • It takes another 7 days to ship directly to your home.

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