find missing money

State and provincial governments working
together to safeguard and return your lost funds is officially endorsed by NAUPA and the participating states and provinces.

. Does list all records held by the participating states and provinces?
A. No. Some states and provinces do not list all of the records in their custody. For example, some states and provinces do not list records under a certain dollar amount. Other states only list the most recent property items in their custody, while yet others list only older records. However, we still receive thousands of new listings each month from the participating states and provinces.

Q. What are States and Provinces doing to try and find missing owners?
A. In addition to, States and Provinces try to find missing owners in many ways. Most states publish listings in the newspapers of general circulation. Some States and Provinces also set up booths at their State fairs and other State events and many host telethons to try and locate missing owners.

Q. How do I make a claim?
A. To make a claim you first have to perform a search. Click on your name in the search results list, then click ‘Claim This Item’, complete the required information and then click ‘Submit’. You will then be instructed to follow the state�s instructions to complete the claim process. To contact a state directly click here for a list of State Contact Addresses.

Q. Is there a time limit or fee for claiming the items from the state?
A. No. States and Provinces act as the custodians of your property until you claim it from them. In most cases States do not charge a fee to you when you claim unclaimed property. Some people and companies, known as heir finders or locators will try to charge up to 50% for helping you claim your funds. There is really no need to pay these service providers since you can find your money for free by using and working directly with the U.S. States and Canadian Provinces.

Unclaimed Property Program

Search Unclaimed Property

This unit collects from holders any unclaimed property that has been abandoned by its owners, and serves as a custodian of the property until the rightful owners can be found and the property returned.

The Unclaimed Property Section maintains several files of interest to the general public:

Personal Claims

If you find property that might be yours, completing the online request will send an email to our customer service team. Once your request is received, your ownership of the property is verified prior to sending you a claim form. Please understand that due to the volume of requests, we cannot send a notification if the property is not yours.

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